Preferences for investment projects( including investment priority * projects)

State in-kind grants:

The maximum amount is not more than 30 % of the volume of investments in fixed assets of a legal entity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As state in-kind grants can be transferred:

  • land plot
  • machinery and equipment
  • measuring and regulating devices and devices
  • production and economic inventory
  • buildings, structures; computer equipment; vehicles (except passenger vehicles)

Exemption from customs duties up to 5 years upon import:

  • technological equipment and components for the term of the contract
  • spare parts for technological equipment
  • raw materials and (or) materials

Tax preferences:
Exemption from value added tax on imports of raw materials

Additional tax benefits are provided for investment priority * projects

  • Corporate income tax (up to 10 years)
  • Land tax (up to 10 years) 0%
  • Property tax (up to 8 years)

 * List of priority activities for the implementation of investment projects

Source: Entrepreneurial code of RK 

Subsidizing projects under the Single program «Business Road Map 2020» (State support for entrepreneurs)

Regional coordinator of the program-Astana office for investment and business development

State support of small and medium-sized businesses in the framework of the Unified program of support and business development «Business Road map 2020».

At registration of credit loans in banks of the second level:

  • in the form of interest rate subsidies;
  • the guaranteeing of a loan.

In the presence of the state examination on external networks (the Sewerage, water supply, etc.): on summing up of the missing infrastructure to object.

Assistance in obtaining land plots through business support tools of JSC “NC “SEC “ASTANA”.

Visa-free entry

Since January 1, 2017, a 30-day visa-free regime has been introduced for citizens of 60 countries, including 35 OECD member countries.

Information on visa-free countries

Type of visa

Investor visa (single-entry up to 90 days, multiple-entry up to 3 years)

Attracting foreign labor force

Engage participants and bodies of the international financial center “Astana”, Working as chief executives of organizations that entered into with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan contracts for investments in cash equivalent upwards of 50 million dollars, and the first leaders of legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan implementing investment activity in priority types of activity and the contract with the authorized body on investments)

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