“In order to inform the creditors, the public and the sole shareholder, Joint Stock Company “KazAgro” National Management Holding” (the “Company”) hereby informs that the Board of Directors of the Company has taken a decision on making certain amendments to the terms and conditions of the notes issued by the Company within the framework of the debt issuance programme in the territory of a foreign state, namely the Company’s U.S. $1,000,000,000 (one billion U.S. Dollars) 4.625% notes due 2023 and the Company’s €600 000 000 (six hundred million Euros) 3.255% notes due 2019 (the minutes of the meeting No.2 dated 22nd of February 2016).
For further information, please contact Ainur Alipbayeva at the following email address: a.alipbayeva@kazagro.kz “